Fannie May Candies

Hudson Drug and Hallmark Shop carries the Midwest's favorite chocolates: Fannie May Candies.

If you haven't tried chocolates from Fannie May, you are missing out.

Most of our Fannie May is stored frozen and can be shipped out for the following prices plus postage. No handling charges apply. To order, just email us at hudsondrug@conxxus.com.

Pixies Colonial Assortment Trinidad
6.5 oz. $9.99 14 oz. $19.99 6.5 oz. $9.99
14 oz. $19.99

Mint Meltaway

Assorted Chocolates Chocolate Candy Bar
(Almond, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Caramel)
6.5 oz. $9.99 14 oz. $19.99 each $1.29
14 oz. $19.99

Assorted Creams

Dark Vanilla Buttercream Single Serve
(Trinidad, Meltaway & Pixies)
6.5 oz. $9.99 14 0z. $19.99 each $1.29
14 oz. $19.99