Pharmacy Compliance

Medications do not work well if they are not taken as prescribed. There are many reasons why people do not take their medications on time. Hudson Drug Shop has comprehensive programs that will help you or your loved one take medications properly.

Simplify My Meds is a refill synchronization program that allows you to pick up all of your medication one time during the month. With this program, you will avoid multiple trips to the pharmacy or being surprised when you are out of refills. We will contact your provider ahead of time to ensure that you have refills on all of your medications and fill everything on the same day. There is no charge for Simplify My Meds.

The PACMED program expands on the Simplify My Meds program and packages all of your medication in multidose strip packaging. Forget pill trays! This system easily organizes all of your prescription and over the counter medications in an easy to use package. For only $15, you can simplify your life by making medication management a breeze!