Prescription Drug Take Back Program

It is estimated that 4,600 tons of pharmaceuticals and personal care products enter the waste stream each year. Flushing medications down toilets kills helpful bacteria needed in septic systems and they travel through sewage treatment plants, unfiltered, making their way into the drinking supply. Drugs placed in the trash enter landfills and can trickle into the ground water.

It's a good idea to clean out your medicine cabinet and dispose of unused or outdated prescription and over-the-counter medications, but it's a bad idea to flush those medications and substances down the toilet or dispose of them in the trash.

The solution is a Prescription Drug Take Back & Disposal Program. In cooperation with the EPA, Hudson Drug and Hallmark Shop will collect your unwanted medications to incinerate properly instead of releasing them into the environment.

How it works
  1. On your medication container, remove the label or use a permanent marker to black out your name and personal information
  2. Take the medication to Hudson Drug and Hallmark Shop
It's that easy!

Accepted Items

  1. Prescription Medications
  2. Over-The-Counter Medications
  3. Pet Medications
  4. Vitamins, Supplements & Suppositories
  5. Homeopathic Remedies
Items Not Accepted

  1. DEA Controlled Substances: Narcotics and Illegal Drugs
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide
  3. Bio-Hazardous / Radioactive Materials
  4. Sharps / Needles / IV Bags
  5. Alcohol Thermometers / Cylinders
  6. Other Household Wastes